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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Canon iR C2880 Debian UFR and Postscript drivers

I've always disliked the fact that I couldn't print to our Canon iR C2880 in color. It's not got the postscript option, which had I known how difficult it would have been for non-Windows PC's to use it, I would have investigated that option.
They advertise the fact that the folks at Codehost, Inc. make a product called BrightQ that will print to these machines, but I never got it working well on my SuSE distribution.
Ubuntu wordmark officialImage via Wikipedia
I just recently updated my desktop from SuSE Linux Desktop Enterprise 10.1 to Ubuntu 9, and I've not been more pleased, but STILL couldn't print in color to our Canon...until now.
I found a thread about this subject here where a kind soul named Andy informed the board that Canon Australia released Linux UFR and Postscript drivers in Deb, RPM, and source (link updated 7/29/2013)!
According to the documentation, the following Canon printers are supported:
  • LBP3360
  • LBP3370
  • LBP3460
  • LBP5360
    Canon Inc.Image via Wikipedia
  • LBP5960
  • LBP5970/5975
  • iR1018/1022/1023
  • iR105+
  • iR2016/2016i
  • iR2018/2018i
  • iR2020/2020i
  • iR2022/2025/2030
  • iR2230
  • iR2270/2870
  • iR2830
  • iR3025
  • iR3030
  • iR3035/3045
  • iR3225/3225N
  • iR3230/3230A/3230N
  • iR3235/3235A/3235N/3245/3245A/3245N
  • iR3530
  • iR3570/4570
  • iR4530
  • iR5055/5065
  • iR5075
  • iR5570/6570
  • iR7086/7095/7095P/7105
  • iR8070
  • iR85+
  • iR9070
  • iR C2380i/C2550/C2550i
  • iR C2580i
  • iR C2880/C2880i/C3380/C3380i
  • iR C3080/C3080i/C3580/C3580i
  • iR C3180/C3180i
  • iR 3180C/3180Ci
  • iR C4080/C4580
  • iR C5180
  • iR C5185
  • iR C5870/C6870
  • iR C5880/C5880i/C6880/C6880i
  • iR 5880C/5880Ci/6880C/6880Ci
  • imagePRESS C1
  • MF4010
  • MF4100 Series
  • MF4270
  • MF4600 Series
  • MF6530/6540PL/6550/6560PL/6570/6580PL
  • MF7170i
  • L90/160/230
  • LC800/L3000
I found that my Ubuntu installation was missing libcupsys2, which was easily remidied by issuing 'sudo apt-get install libcupsys2'. I was then able to use the Gdebi Package installer by right-clicking the .deb packages and choosing that option.
If you aren't using Ubuntu, read the release notes included. There are MANY issues listed for Mandravia, SuSE, Fedora, and Debian.
I ran a test print, et voila, it came out in color!
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Anonymous said...

Your comments on Canon printers was very helpful to me and some of my co-workers.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thanks for posting this. I am running ubuntu 9.10 (actually xubuntu) at work and I am happy with it as well. However, I still struggle with the Canon iR2270 printer.

It appears to be installed on Win2000 server. I can connect to it via smb://ip.address/printer using provided Canon driver you suggested (well, for printer we have). When I print test page, nothing happens. They do have mailboxes set up on the machine, but I did not find any place in the set up to access those, select them, and possibly enter password for my mailbox.

Any ideas?

With best regards,

John Croson said...

Thanks for your comments.

I'll assume that you are adding your printer through the Printer Configuration tool, and find your printer listed there, or at least can add it. If you are not, you should.

You should be prompted with a username/password challenge. In addition, you'll also have to provide domain information if you are on such a network.

The share on my Windows 2003 DC is CanonIR. My device URI goes like this:
smb://MY-DOMAIN/CANONIR/CANONIR. Don't know why it descends into the printer path twice, but that's the way Ubuntu set it up. In any case, if you browse using Nautilus (file manager) using similar URI you should see it.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


Great article but the link you provided doesnt work anymore but you kan try the drivers from this site
My IR2270 works like a charm now ;-)

Guillaume Noireaux said...

Sorry for being pedantic, but I am French thus I notice that kind of things.
You wanted to use the phrase "et voila" but inverted the first two vowels, leading to the quite common mistake of referring to a form of the French verb "violer" which means: to rape.

Thanks for your help with Canon printers!

John Croson said...


Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Don't want to be indexed for the wrong material...

Anonymous said...

Damn link appears to be broken :\

Anonymous said...

New link:

Oh and @Guillaume, John's french may be a little lacking but so is your English! ;)

"but I am French thus I notice that kind of things"

Better English:

"but I am French thus I notice these kinds of things"

Sorry for being pedantic... ;)