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Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Sourcegforge Project

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English: jQuery Mobile logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I just posted a new project on Sourceforge, called Anonymous Compliance Reporting.

Anonymous Compliance Reporting aims to be a solution for small organizations that desire to adhere to the corporate practice of providing a means for employees to report issues anonymously.

This project originated to provide a mechanism for my employers staff to report instances of compliance violation in the workplace, e.g. improper handling of PHI (Patient Health Information), HIPAA violations, and the like.

I took on the task of updating it recently, to a more robust "Web 2.0" application, adding JQuery, Ajax, and updated graphics.

It runs on both LAMP and WAMP servers.

Documentation is on this wiki and in the README file in the download package.

The sample website is completely open to play with, the credentials are admin / password. Have fun!
Anonymous Compliance Reporting Web Site
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