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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Website Design

Just realized with all my sporadic posts to "brag" about my tech-exploits, that I should note that I've got two websites I've designed. One is McDermotts Photo (web archive link...did that one a few years ago), and the other is Lord of Life Lutheran Church (quite recent).

Lord of Life is a Joomla implimentation, and the theme is heavily modified from the creator, Shayne Bartlette.

McDermott's was from scratch, using DreamWeaver and a few other tools, and much design help from my wife, Kristen.

I've also set my own Joomla site up at, on an old PIII 450, that's getting too tired to serve the pages of my son I keep pumping into Menalto's Gallery implementation.

Seems to be the latest and greatest CMS, according to Packt Publishing. That's good, because I just convinced the Racine Art Museum, one of my customers, to switch their web over to it. Their site was getting stale, over 5 years old, and needs a serious update, but they can't afford to drop thousands on a new design. This will empower them, and they can come up with the new design and have me customize the template, if the design isn't too complicated. Otherwise, we'll hire someone off-shore to hack the template together for low $$. Nothing like global commerce to drive costs down...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well, I found the vulnerability the same day I posted the last entry. It was the a6_credit addon, so I removed it...