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Friday, May 29, 2009

GFI Faxmaker using IIS SMTP Services

I've been using GFI Faxmaker since around version 10, but mostly in Exchange environments, and usually trying to get it to work with a variety of analog modems.

A null modem should not be confused with a gen...Image via Wikipedia

I have a customer that's moving to a hosted Exchange solution, and we've just moved the last of the users mailboxes off-site. Now came the simple task of pointing the Email2FAXGateway settings to send mail to the hosted servers.

We don't use GFI Faxmaker to send, so won't have to resort to any special TextAPI formatting, outlined at GFI's support site.

We initially performed a test, sending inbound fax messages directly to the hosted servers, and it seemed to work well, but a few days later noticed there was a problem. I think what was happening was the hosting mail servers performed an RDNS (reverse DNS) lookup, which fails, since mail sent out of GFI appears to be coming from

The solution was to set up IIS SMTP services, and relay all messages to our hosting provider.

If I'm not mistaken, you have to have IIS SMTP services installed on your fax server, but if you don't, just use Add/Remove Windows Components to install it.

Once you've got that bit done, you'll need to set up relay access for your local machine. You can find that by locating the Default SMTP Virtual Server, right-clicking, and choosing Properties. Check the Access tab, and click the Relay... button. Add your local hosts IP address, and any others that may need to use this as an SMTP relay.

Then right-click the Domains object beneath the Default SMTP Virtual Server container, and choose New, Domain. Add an alias for the domain, and another for the domain.

Lastly, add one for your external domain name, but make this one Remote. In the properties for the domain that you just created, click to select the Allow the Incoming Mail to be Relayed to this Domain check box.

Click the forward all e-mail to smart host option, and then type the FQDN of the server that is responsible for e-mail for that domain in square brackets.

That worked for me!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Croson's Bio

This Bio was written by my employer. I was very flattered...

John likes to refer to himself as a “jack of all trades”, but his experience and knowledge of technical and operating systems make him anything but a generalist. John’s background in information systems ranges from development of software, to design and implementation of hardware compatibilities, to key management-related duties, such as cost containment and budgeting, and training.

When John started his career in the IT field, he was the Technology Operations Manager for a local art museum in Racine, WI. In that job, he maintained a heterogeneous 2-site environment for this organization while managing various IT-related projects. As he moved further with his career, he provided IT support and development with an IT consulting firm. His accomplishments here included the maintenance, administration and building of a multi-server environment, as well as implementing the related policies and procedures for network security auditing.

While working with the consulting firm, Integrated Healthcare Business Solutions, Inc. was one of his clients. He assisted IHBS in updating the server, implementing security applications, migrated database and document application to the new server and developed a customized MySQL/PHP compliance reporting web application. When IHBS began their search for an IT Manager, it was an easy task to hire John since he proved himself to be an outstanding IT professional who had a thorough understanding of the IT needs of the company.

John complements all IHBS does through his excellence in IT, and with his business understanding and skills. He provides external project management with clients, as well as internally to support all system needs. John is a big-picture manager who is capable and ready to assist when there is the need for effective IT solutions.

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Systems and Network Administrator Resume

John Croson

2121 Taylor Avenue • Racine, WI 53403 • 262-237-8227 •
  • 8 years of cross-platform experience in systems administration including analyzing, designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware, software, peripherals and networks.
  • Superior troubleshooting and technical support abilities with migrations, network connectivity, and security and database applications.
  • Develop exceptional relationships with co-workers, management and end users.
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills


Technical Operating System
Network Administration Server Design Internet / Intranet Configuration Hardware / Software Maintenance Security Testing / Patching Backup Solution Processing Technical / User Support VBA Solution Provider Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP Clients Windows NT, 2000, 2003 Server Apple OS 9, OS X Linux Redhat, Debian, Gentoo, SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware, FreeBSD Cisco IOS
Managerial Software
Cost Containment & Budgeting Process Documentation Client / Vendor Relationship Management Research & Analysis Project Management Training & InstructionMS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 Symantec Enterprise AV Suites Trend Micro AV Suites GFI Mail Essentials, GFI Mail Security GFI LanGuard GFI FaxMaker Veritas Backup Exec MS Office Adobe Photoshop, GoLive, Acrobat Macromedia Dreamweaver Quark Express WSH, Kixtart, Batch, Bash Scripting VBA, VB PHP, HTML, ASP


Integrated Healthcare Business Solutions, Inc - Franklin, WI

A Physician billing and management information company.

Information Technology Manager April 2007 - Present

  • Manage client/server environment.
  • Act as technology liaison to client base.
  • Research and implement new technologies as needed.
  • Plan, implement and enforce compliance policies.
  • Analyze internal processes, leverage technology to improve, streamline and shorten.
  • Aid sales in utilizing technology in marketing, i.e. email, website, adsense.

Key Contributions

  • Migrated Windows 2000 AD to 2003 AD environment.
  • Migrated MS SQL database and document imaging application to new server.
  • Migrated data to new SAN solution.
  • Cisco ASA 5510 Security implementation.
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server implementation.
  • Open Source Helpdesk, server/network monitoring solution based on the Debian distribution.
  • GFI Faxmaker implementation.
  • Provide custom MySQL/PHP compliance reporting web application.
  • Migrate Coldfusion website solution to DotNetNuke ASP solution.
  • Implement Joomla CMS solution for client (
techWorks, LLC - Wauwatosa, WI

Full service computer consulting firm for small-to-medium businesses, specializing in virtual support and monitoring services.

Senior Field Engineer March 2004 - April 2007

Heavy equipment undercarriage distributor Waukesha, WI

  • Build and configure a Linux Mail Gateway on a Compaq Proliant ML350 to filter mail for an Exchange 5.5 server hosting multiple domains.

Novelty promotions company Milwaukee, WI

  • Build and configure a headless (no keyboard, mouse, or monitor) Linux PC to automate the copying of images from flash cards to a programmatically formatted CD. Prompts are generated by a text to speech package, notifying the user of a completed unit.

Manufacturer of private-label baked custom snacks Franklin, WI

  • Provide increased level of support for technology needs during IT managers absence.
  • Audited licensing and hardware.
  • Make recommendations and implement workstation upgrades company-wide.
  • Upgrade hardware components on Dell Poweredge 1600SC / 2500SC.
  • Recommended money saving telephone service adjustments.
  • Provided Difinity/Audix phone system support.

Internal Network Administrator

Maintenance, administration, and build of a multi-server environment consisting of the following servers:

  • MS File/Print/Terminal Services 2000 - Gateway 980
  • MS SQL 2000 - Dell PowerEdge 2650
  • MS Exchange 2003 - Dell PowerEdge 1600SC
  • MS 2003 DC - Dell PowerEdge 2450
  • MS ISA 2004 - Dell PowerEdge 2450
  • MS 2000 TeleVantage
  • MS 2000 Monitoring - Compaq Proliant 1850R
  • Debian Postfix Mail
  • Slackware Postfix/Spamassassin Mail Filter
  • FreeBSD VNC Server
  • SuSE Squid/Dansguardian Proxy Filter

Key Contributions

  • Build and configure SuSE firewall/content filter.
  • Build and configure FreeBSD VNC Server – Used in providing remote assistance.
  • Build and configure Windows 2000 development server; MS SQL, VB SourceSafe, VB 6/.NET
  • Assisted in migrating from Exchange 2000 to 2003.
  • Implemented processes and procedures for conducting network security audits for clients.

Racine Art Museum Association - Racine, WI

Consisting of two museums, the Racine Art Museum and the Wustum Museum, the former was erected early 2003. The association holds the fourth most important craft art collection in the United States.

Technology Operations Manager May 2001 - March 2004

  • Maintain a heterogeneous 2 site environment consisting of:

Site 1: Three Servers/25 Clients

    • Debian firewall/content filter on DEC Alpha 4/2100.
    • Redhat server providing Intranet, Web, eCommerce, Mailman services.
    • Exchange 2000

Site 2: Two Servers/5 Clients

    • Gentoo firewall/content filter.
    • MS NT4 BackOffice Server on an HP LC2000 Net Server

Key Contributions

Rode’s Camera and Photo Supplies - Kenosha, WI

Sales Manager 1993 - 2001

Supplier of photographic supplies to professional photographers and photographic studios.

  • Visual Basic application development.
  • Systems / Network administrator.
  • Website administrator.
  • Customer relations management.
Camera World - Racine, WI

Sales Manager 1987 - 1993

Supplier of photographic supplies to professional and amateur photographers.

  • Equipment sales.
  • Personnel management.

Manpower / SC Johnson Wax - Racine, WI

Fork Lift Operator 1984 - 1987

United States Army 1980 - 1984

Fire Direction Specialist

Additional Professional Activities

  • Professional Photographer 1987 - Present
  • Independent IT Consultant - 2006 - Present
Education UW - Parkside 2009 - Kenosha, WI
  • Management Information Systems, BS
  • Expected Graduation 2012
Gateway Technical College 2002- Racine, WI
  • Management Information Systems, Associate
Interests and Activities
  • Motorcycle enthusiast
  • Home computing
  • Active member of Lord of Life Lutheran Church
  • INNS volunteer, helping the homeless
  • Jack Taugher, VP/Business Owner, 262.391.3946
  • Patrick Dolan, IT Manager, 414.640.9058
  • John Smithyman, Business Owner, 414.529.7892
  • Amy Roebuck, Application Consultant, 508.944.6522
  • Jennifer Arnold, Reverend, 262.656.1995
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

DNN Site Map gives all pages the same priority

This file photos show the logos for Internet t...Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Out of the box, DotNetNuke provides a method of programatically creating a search-engine friendly XML sitemap for easy website submissions to the likes of Google, Yahoo and others that accept that format. This is one of the first things to do in your quest for SEO.

What it doesn't do, is accurately give a priority to pages. A priority is used by webmasters to set a level of imporance to a webpage. These numbers range from 0.0 to 1.0.

All DotNetNuke sites prior to 5 assign a default value of 0.9 to all pages. Google, and others don't like the fact that all your pages have the same priority, which will likely cause them not to index your site.

After doing a bit of research, I found a quick hack in the DotNetNuke forums, that assigns priorities based on page placement in your menu. 1 to your home page, 0.9 to all other first level pages, 0.8 to second level pages, and so on.

Just recently I've found another approach outlined on the blog, where they take it a bit further, using a default value of 0.5 on all pages, and incrementing the priority by 0.1 if you add a description and keywords to your pages.

I wasn't too crazy about that hack, since I use a description and keywords on ALL of my pages, as instructed by most SEO experts, so I'd likely be facing the same issue. They did however, offer a suggestion as a solution, which was to use Page Tokens, and modify your XMLSiteMap.aspx.vb to parse those tokens. I didn't want to work that hard... ;-).

The post did point to an elegant solution at (love that domain name!) that augments their fix, and doesn't require the coding for PPV that suggested.

All you need to do is modify your pages according to, add the code from, then start adding 'PPV=' followed by a numeric value setting a priority code in the keyword section of the page settings!

That really gives you complete control of your priority settings!

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