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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Croson's Bio

This Bio was written by my employer. I was very flattered...

John likes to refer to himself as a “jack of all trades”, but his experience and knowledge of technical and operating systems make him anything but a generalist. John’s background in information systems ranges from development of software, to design and implementation of hardware compatibilities, to key management-related duties, such as cost containment and budgeting, and training.

When John started his career in the IT field, he was the Technology Operations Manager for a local art museum in Racine, WI. In that job, he maintained a heterogeneous 2-site environment for this organization while managing various IT-related projects. As he moved further with his career, he provided IT support and development with an IT consulting firm. His accomplishments here included the maintenance, administration and building of a multi-server environment, as well as implementing the related policies and procedures for network security auditing.

While working with the consulting firm, Integrated Healthcare Business Solutions, Inc. was one of his clients. He assisted IHBS in updating the server, implementing security applications, migrated database and document application to the new server and developed a customized MySQL/PHP compliance reporting web application. When IHBS began their search for an IT Manager, it was an easy task to hire John since he proved himself to be an outstanding IT professional who had a thorough understanding of the IT needs of the company.

John complements all IHBS does through his excellence in IT, and with his business understanding and skills. He provides external project management with clients, as well as internally to support all system needs. John is a big-picture manager who is capable and ready to assist when there is the need for effective IT solutions.

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