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Friday, April 04, 2008

Word and VBA Forms

This Word document was developed to manage our claims follow-up process, and control the way our staff filled out these claim letters. When this document opens, it displays a form for the user to fill in, and:

  1. Reads in a text file used to populate a Combo Box for the user to select a company name (our clients). This file is on a network share. See commented code for details.
  2. Checks active directory for the users information and automatically populates the salutation area of the form with the proper information using bookmarks as placeholders for the variable data.
  3. Performs rudimentary form input checking for the existence of data, and has some constraints, i.e. only numbers and dashes allowed in the zip code field, and only numbers and "/" allowed in the date field.
  4. This data is also sent to the document, using bookmarks for placement of the variable data.
When the user clicks OK, the Print dialog automatically pops up, and upon completion of printing, the form closes without saving. The code is commented fairly well, so you should be able to follow it.
Read this doc on Scribd: Medicaid Request Letter
ihbs Integrated Healthcare Business Solutions, Inc. 9875 South Franklin Dr. Suite 300 PO Box 320930 Franklin, WI 53132 SERVICING Tel: 414.858-2200 Fax: 414.858-2230 , This letter is to request your assistance in securing payment for a physician that has provided service to you. You visited on . Your insurance company, , has requested certain information from you. Please call the number on the back of your insurance card, or call our office for a contact number, and give the information they are looking for. Please note that you cannot be billed for this service, regardless of the answers you provide . For this date of service you are covered under the Medicaid program for the state of Wisconsin. This prohibits health care providers from billing you for services, besides what Medicaid approves, usually $1-3. If you do not contact your insurance, the physician that treated you will not be paid for his effort because Medicaid will not pay until your insurance pays. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me with the information below. Thank you for your time

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