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Friday, April 18, 2008

2.5 Days to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection client

So today I'm trying to clean up a Symantec Endpoint Protection client install that went bad, and here's what I get during the uninstall process... Is it really gonna take this long? Can I make a pot of coffee stretch that far? Will my kids start college before this completes?

In truth, this quickly went to 11 M$ minutes, then to 1 M$ minute. First time I've EVER seen anything like that before.


Gil K said...

Did you try one of the following manual uninstall tools?

DawnMarie said...

I was hoping to find something better than what I did. From Symantec

Took me about 40 minutes because some people don't understand a closed door. My computer is finally running correctly again.

John Croson said...

Not sure I understand your comment about a closed door...but yes. I did get it uninstalled after killing the msiexec process and fudging around a bit.