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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Windows Search indexing status; 149,000 files and counting

I'm keeping a close eye on the status of Windows Search on my Windows 2003 Server. The SAN shares out hundreds of gb of data, but I only need to index about 100gb... :-0

When I initially installed the new Windows Service, it occurred to me that I could roll it out to all the users, and let them index what they wanted...rrriiiiiight. I read an article that indicated when WS4 is installed, it automatically adds mapped locations to the index. WOW, that would be tons of network traffic, even if the service does throttle it back to minimize network impact.

I found it to be a better implementation to install it on the server, wait for the index to complete, then roll it out to the users, and control the index locations via GPO, keeping them off the network.

Unfortunately, the index database has grown to 25gb, and shows no signs of stopping. Good thing I decided to home the database on a volume with enough room...

I'll post back when the indexing process completes. In a day or two, or more.

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