Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Some modifications in the work flow...

I'd been working at the Wustum Museum for a couple of months when I started noticing what I would call an inefficient use of users time spent doing daily tasks. The biggest problem to tackle was the "Mailing List From Hell". They were using FileMaker Pro for years with their old Mac LCII's and since the systems weren't networked, there were multiple copies of many lists floating all over the place... Once the PC's were put in by my predecessor, the lists were "somewhat" consolodated, but there were those that just couldn't relinquish control. The real problem was to collect all of them, remove them from the users computers, mesh them together, and send them in to our mailing guru that found duplicates, updated addresses, etc. It was a real mess, and took some time to fix, but now we have a pretty clean list of 10,000 + names, and a fund raising program called Paradigm to manage it and other things. Now we all use the DB, and no more multiple copies of "Mailing Lists From Hell".

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