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Monday, August 25, 2003

I start working at Wustum Musuem as IT Manager

So I start at Wustum Museum as Techology Operations Manager. What a mess. The woman that set up the system used a local company that installed a leased system for them. Bad business decision, and even worse setup. SBS from M$ (I'm not a lover of M$, but they have their place). No patches in place, no connection to the internet except for dial up to an ISP that has a collection of mail boxes that they connect to at specific periods. Lame. I convinced them to allow me to turn the mail accounts off, get DSL and set up Exchange 5.5 to do what is was supposed to do, serve mail. Shortly thereafter, I set up a RedHat box on an old Acer 233mhz box that served as our firewall and web server. Still works to this day, even after I set up a chroot'ed caching DNS server, SMB (just to transfer backups to the M$ box from the RAM site), Webmin, SSH, and even MRTG. WOW that's a big load for a little box. I love this stuff.

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