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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DNN HTML Site Map Module

Another step towards an SEO site, and providing a user-friendly site map, is to use Derek Trauger's DNN SiteMap Module.

It does a fine job. Just have a look here:

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John Croson said...

When using the SiteMap module in conjunction with Ventrian Rewriter, name your Site Map page Site_Map.

Ventrian removes spaces, and Site Map becomes SiteMap.aspx, the same name as your properly formed XML sitemap script, that Google, Yahoo and MSN won't find...

TN said...

Hi John

I need some help with Derek Trauger's DNN Sitemap module but cannot post a support question anywhere in his website. He doesnt provide a contact details and wont allow me to post 3rd party support questions

My problem is I have some parent pages that have no content so they redirect to the first child page. These parent pages are not shown in the sitemap as parent.

If you have a solution for this please kindly help me out. Many thanks

John Croson said...

Strange, if you go to my company website (, we have a News page that is also an empty parent page that serves as a placeholder for the child pages.

The properties for this page, found under Admin -> Page:

Permissions: All Users can read
Advanced -> Disabled is checked.
Link Type: None

I've done this on a couple of private pages also, with results that are expected: Clicking on the topmost parent page only reveals the children beneath.

If I've misunderstood your issue, please let me know.