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Friday, October 17, 2008

Is MedCo the Anti-Christ of drug suppliers?

I just had a frustrating experience with my health insurance company, UHC, and their preferred drug supplier, MedCo.

My wife received a call from MedCo, and suggested that they could save us money on our prescriptions.

Interestingly, they knew about every prescription my wife had, and the physicians that prescribed them. I'm sure the lawyers have that loop-hole covered...

Back to our savings. They indicated they could save us plenty in co-pays, but my wife clearly stated our plan was about to change, and she needed to talk to me first, so NO, DON'T SHIP IT was the answer.

Funny. The agent clearly knows more about my wife's health care, because a few days later, we received our first shipment of medication.

My wife called and complained to the agent, who indicated they could not take the drugs back. She protested, and demanded to speak to the agents supervisor, who suggested we would have to submit an appeal in writing to UHC. Bah!

I called a couple of days later, and talked to an agent at UHC, who had no knowledge of this appeal process, and insisted that MedCo would need to be contacted directly, as UHC had nothing to do with the dispersement of medication. I contacted MedCo, and was informed that it wasn't my wife that authorized the shipment, as they initially charged, but the physician.

I can only guess they contacted the physician, and acquired a prescription for these drugs, and had them shipped to our home! This absolutely baffles me, and my wife is now contacting our physicians to demand they stop this, and find out who authorized it.

After doing some cursory searches on Google, I found this blog, where folks are still singing the woes of the likes of MedCo. Seems they've been paying out millions in settlements for years, due to improprieties.

Just Google MedCo lawsuit.

This also seems highly unethical, and that the physicians should watch their back, since I'll be calling my lawyer soon.

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