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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm convinced I AM the only person... this hemisphere that is using R:Base. Although I'm sure if the other person using it reads this, I'll get flamed.

I've posted a comment to the "mailing list", and have further convinced myself I'm the only one, next to the list admin, that has subscribed to this list, as my post rendered no comments, and I've not received any messages over a 72 hour period.

Since this version (6.5) has few functions as compared to that of some other programming languages I've used, and interacting with the data in the form I've been forced to, I will admit to learning more about fundamental SQL data manipulation, use of Cursor's, SQL functions, etc.

I'll have to say overall it's been a satisfying experience, in that it has exercised my brain. Without the luxury of having peer support or newsgroup forums to draw from, I've had to rely solely on the sparse documentation (few examples), and my past coding experience (few examples).

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