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Friday, May 30, 2008

R:Base makes my eyes bleed

I've been tasked this week to review an R:Base database that is used to parse data from one of our clients, and output it into a usable form for our Misys Tiger server. It's had many little menu items added to it to perform data manipulation over the years, and never really been used to it's full potential.

I'm more of a VBA/VB guy, and would rather get this done using Access, but only have a couple of weeks to clean it up before the poor guy that currently has to use this goes on vacation, when I will presumably step in to "scrub and screen" data for interfacing into Misys.

Wow, what a clunky piece of stuff. I'm using v6.5, which is quite old, circa 1999 I think. Lots of functions and methods to learn, which is doing to my eyes what pouring salt into would do just quicker... ;-). I'm finding virtually no newsgroup info, and they've removed most legacy application information from their website.


Guess I'll have to post my questions to their listsrv and hope someone still uses this stuff...

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