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Friday, March 28, 2008

More Work, Please.

I've been working quite hard at my new job at Integrated Healthcare Business Solutions. Just a small list of what I've been doing in that time:

  1. Migrate Windows 2000 Domain to 2k3, which required:
    1. New Server and SAN setup.
    2. Migrate Aquarius Document Imaging IIS application and SQL databases to new server.
    3. Migrate Data to new server.
    4. Heavily modify GPO's for new environment.
    5. Deploy WSUS for new environment.
    6. Set up Terminal Services on old server (complete wipe of 2k and new build of 2k3)
      1. This box also does AV (SEPM), Backups (SBE) and supplies us with FlexWiki
    7. Lots more I'm sure I've forgotten by now...
  2. Deploy 2k DC as backup auth server which also serves as:
    1. GFI FaxMaker 12 Fax Server
    2. IAS Server (for our ASA 5510)
    3. FireFTP Server
  3. Deploy a Linux server based on the Debian disto:
    1. Hyperic - server, application and network monitoring/metric tool
    2. Local Postfix SMTP server (Utility mail for GFI, etc.)
    3. Ntop services
    4. Intranet web
    5. Custom compliance reporting (read:whistleblower - Php and MySQL)
    6. Backup to NPI database
    7. Snort IDS
  4. Move Coldfusion site from old hosting provider to another. We hired a company to design a website for us, and after that was finished, I needed to brand our private client portal. I did quite a bit of code cleanup and modifications. I also added a number of Open Source javascript utilities that improved file sorting, controlled user input, and the like. This client portal is a utility used to send files to and from clients in a secure manner, since we deal with PHI.
Lately I've been working on a Joomla site for the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine [New site, Old site]. This involves MANY components, modules and plugins:
  1. Community Builder
  2. AEC
  3. Fireboard
  4. JEvents
  5. Joosurvey
  6. sh404SEF
  7. Xmap
  8. and a number of other mods
I've also purchased a template from and hacked it up a bit, added some Flash to make it look pretty, etc.

Whew! Back to work......

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